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Applicator’s technical specifications:


Style/Item No.: WONDERLITE PC-122 (produced by Chi Mei Corporation) complies with the total migration requirements of FDA CFR Title 21 section 177.1640 and commission directive 2002/72/EC for the specific stimulant used (deionized water, 3% acetic acid aqueous solution, 10% ethanol aqueous solution and rectified olive oil).

Set of applicators

Types and uses:

Applicator C1 (circular small) 6 cm diameter
Suitable for:
• Nuchal area and cranial fascias, muscles and nerves.
• Muscles of the TMJ joint.
• Tarsal tunnel, calcaneus, male and female perineum, foot flexors,
palmar fascia, inner and outer part of the calcaneus, flexors
and adductors of the hand.
• Post surgical hypertrophic scars.

Applicator C2 (circular medium) 8 cm diameter
Featured to treat costal area, thorax,
hypertrophic scars due to breast surgery
(enhancement with silicone prosthesis or mastectomy),
muscles plantar sole, knee.
Applicator C3 (circular large) 9,5 cm diameter
Featured to treat the costal area
of the rectus abdominis, abdominal obliques,
transverse, serratus.
Applicator R1 (rectangular small) 36 cm2 (= 6 cm x 6 cm)
Suitable to handle short and long lever maneuvers
on myofascial structures and periarticular connective
system (where postsurgical scar lead to adhesions in deep layers).
Indicated for the infraspinatus muscle, thoracic, in subjects
where the R2 (see below) shows to be an applicator too large
to suit spinal posterior muscles.
Applicator R2 (rectangular medium) 70 cm2 (= 7 cm x 10 cm)
Epidural fibrosis treatment This Applicator is the most important for all spinal muscles;
paravertebral square lumbar multifidus, trapezius, rhomboids,
latissimus dorsi, infraspinatus, teres minor, major, anterior and
posterior pelvis, hamstring, adductors. Mobilizes superficial,
mid and deep tissue layers, or even neurovascular plexus at the
groin. Used for long and short lever maneuvers on the posterior
pelvis muscles, lumbar and thoracic back muscles, hamstrings,
adductors, scapular muscles

Applicator R3 (rectangular large) 88 cm2 (= 8 cm x 11 cm)
Applicator featured specifically for strong physique (athletes)
and to be used on the gluteus maximus, and quadratus proximal
hamstrings and adductors.

Applicator RC1 (rectangular corrugated) 20 cm2 (= 5 cm x 4 cm)
Suitable for narrow convexity areas of the body (Achilles
tendon, patellar tendon, inner and outer edge of the foot); of
utmost importance for the carpal tunnel syndrome, inner and outer
edge of the carpus.
Cervical muscles.
Applicator RC2 (rectangular corrugated) 43,8 cm2 (= 7,3 cm x 6 cm)
_MG_7694 Suitable for convex and concave areas of the body; muscles of
the leg, arm, scapula, pectoralis major, posterior cervical muscles,
lateral and anterior.
Suitable to provide treatment to inaccessible areas such as
popliteal neurovascular plexus and muscles, axillary, subclavian
space, cervical neurovascular plexus, anterior scalene muscle,
middle and posterior sternocleidomastoid.
Used for long and short lever maneuvers on muscles, connective
system and shoulder joints, elbow, knee, patella and foot.