Flexibilizing fibrotic scars

Indications | Relaxing stiffness | Flexibilizing scars | Releasing tissue adhesions | Stimulating circulation | Improving anxiety and depression
Hypertrophic scars are unchecked proliferations of fibrous tissue excessive synthesis of collagens, fibronectin, and proteoglycans (Tredget et al, 1997) after injury to the skin (From et al, 1993). In many of pacients who underwent surgery appears usually scars, trigger adhesions, fibrosis associated with pain (Darzi, 1992, Juckett, 2006). No effective treatment exists (Tredget et al, 1997; Zouboulis et al, 1993; Norris, 1991).
Massages help to flat hypertrophic scars, to avoid retraction, and to improve the active circulation. Massage therapy have been reported to increase scar pliability and decrease scar banding (PatiƱo et al, 1999). It has been reported that PHYSIUM can reduce the fibrosis of hypertrophic scars because it reduces retraction and improves circulation (capillary permeability). PHYSIUM has a calibrated vacuum system that can work on the surface and deep layers of tissues.

PHYSIUM is beeing used un physical therapist centers. You can access the results they are getting at “Results and PHYSIUM safety” menu option.