Improving anxiety and depression

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Massage stimulates skin and subcutaneous mechanoreceptors promoting the parasympathetic activity. These signals stimulate the vagal activity (Field, 1998) and increase the dopamine level.

The vagal activity cause a reflex relaxation that can reduce the state of anxiety (Wall and Melzack, 1984; Diego 2010) in one massage session (Moyer et al , 2008). The increase of dopamine can decrease the stress and depression in multiple massage sessions (Moyer et al , 2008).

Therapeutic massage can be an effective choice of treatment for a number of psychological issues (Bost and Wallis, 2006). It can be also used to promote general well-being and enhance self-esteem (Frey Law et al 2008; Downey et al 2009; Back et al 2009; Ferrell-Torry, A. T. & Glick, 1993), to increase mood and positive mental health (Weinberg et al, 1988) and quality of life (Moyer et al,2004 ).

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