The MC Health Tech company

MC Health Tech is a Medical Device Company engaged in the research and development of solutions for the treatment of disorders of the musculoskeletal (myalgia, cervicalgia, back pain, etc..), vascular, lymphatic (edema, cellulitis, retention, etc..), disruption of the nervous (neuralgia, spasticity, etc..) systems, and postsurgical fibrosis (scar pain, adhesions, thickening, etc..), based on the application of massage.

To do this, MC Health Tech applies the utmost rigor in the development of our solutions through its multidisciplinary research team (with physiotherapists, osteopaths, medical and aesthetic professionals), and its own facilities and privileged collaborators (medical and aesthetic centres).

The result of our effort is that MC Health Tech has two key milestones:

  1. Expand the therapeutic possibilities of the known benefits of manual therapy to a wide range of indications, many without effective treatment, and more quickly, effectively and safely.
  2. Automate and standardize manual therapy, which allows the therapist to reproduce and ensure the results regardless of their abilities, save physical effort of manual therapy and avoid the risk of rhizarthrosis.

MC Health Tech is based in Barcelona and is structured in three facilities: a central office, a research and training centre, and a factory of the devices. To contact us, please click here.