Physium device

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PHYSIUM is a device that produces a mechanotherapeutic stimuli, like a manual massage therapy, through a pulsating vacuum system action with applicators applied on the skin. The deep mechanical action on the miofascial and neuronal tissues:

Relaxes, tones and makes muscles and fascias more flexible.
Mobilises the different layers. (freeing adhesions)
Activates neuronal response (reducing pain and anxiety).
And stimulates blood and lymphatic vascular circulation.

PHYSIUM allows:

The most accurate massage dosages: PHYSIUM allows the operator to mobilise the different layers of tissue and provides treatment doses to the muscle-connective tissue at a greater depth than in manual therapy, through a parametrically controlled system.

The deepest massage: PHYSIUM kneads the muscle tissues and stretches the different layers, starting with the most superficial layer and ending with the deepest.

The safest painless massage: PHYSIUM isn’t an invasive device and operates at a maximum pressure range of 120-160 mbar, applying the force and depth gradually and preventing the tissues from contracting, the patients from feeling pain and the injury (bruising) of muscle and vessel fibres.

PHYSIUM provides a fully-controlled massage dose on muscle-connective tissue, through a patented 10-armed system comprising:

  • a mobile support with 8 fixed (but adjustable) arms, with 8 applicatorss that can be kept in fixed positions (without professional attendance). As a result, PHYSIUM can provide massage to an incredibly wide surface area at once,
  • 2 additional mobile arms with applicators, that have to be used manually and help the operator to achieve specific maneuvers,
  • and a set of interchangable applicators that the operator places at the arms depending on the needs of the area, stimulus, and morphological complexity of the tissue surface to be treated.