Results and PHYSIUM safety

Many centers are using PHYSIUM to treat miofascial conditions. See the results they are getting on the brief reports listed below (click to reports titles to access):

Centre de Fisioteràpia Saló Darder:

PHYSIUM in patients with chronic low back pain not responding to previous physical treatments.
PHYSIUM massage in patients with Fibromyalgia.

Amaina fisioterapia:

PHYSIUM in risk reduction of injuries in elite indoor football players.

Guillem Canadell: Effectiveness of PHYSIUM Massage in chronic neck pain in patients not responding to the standard physiotherapy.

Adriana Miguens: (available only in Spanish) Eficacia del tratamiento con Physium en la mejoría de las cicatrices hipertróficas de las episiotomias y en la incontinencia urinaria femenina.

PHYSIUM safety profile: This study (click here) helps characterize the safety profile of PHYSIUM safety profile in group of 9,411 patients with miofascial lesions. This study suggests that massage therapy with PHYSIUM safety profile is a well-tolerated safety option in patients with miofascial lesions that need to be treated with massage.