Stimulating circulation

Indications | Relaxing stiffness | Flexibilizing scars | Releasing tissue adhesions | Stimulating circulation | Improving anxiety and depression

As a result of the mechanical effect of massage strokes of PHYSIUM, more blood is pushed through the massaged area. Besides this, the massage strokes support the venous and lymphatic drainage from the massaged segment or part of the body.

PHYSIUM performs lymphatic draining deeper and faster than any other technique with either manual massage (Vodder technique, etc.) or with any other device (pressure therapy, etc.). The key to success of manual lymphatic draining is an accurate work that, today, cannot be matched by other devices (which only drain the intersticial fluid). Manual draining has the disadvantage that requires knowledge, skills, hard work and cannot be applied to sensitive areas (popliteal, inguinal) or deep areas without the risk of causing pain.

PHYSIUM is beeing used un physical therapist centers. You can access the results they are getting at “Results and PHYSIUM safety” menu option.