Technical specifications

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See complete techincal specifications in B3.03.03.001V01 Datasheet Physium B (English) 160901.

Physium Physical Characteristics:

Dimensions P x A x h:780mm x 600mm x 1850mm
Net Weight: 135 Kgs
Max. Regulated Depression:-250 mbar
Automatic Magneto thermal protection
Cooling by mechanic ventilation
Index of protection: IP 20
Supply voltage 230 VAC single phase

A unit is composed of a PHYSIUM device with its mobile stand and a full set of heads.

Vacuum System (PHY.VU-001B01): The vacuum system comprises a pump with a maximum differential pressure of 250 mBar free of maintenance. The suction is controlled by a valve located in the vacuum loop of the machine.

Filter: The impurities sucked out by the suction hoses will remain trapped in the filter and following 200 hours of operation, or an alert message shown on screen, should be cleaned.

Flexible hoses of vacuum conduction: The vacuum treatment is conducted at the applicator heads using flexible hoses of high resistance polyurethane. The hoses are screwed to the metal emerging from the top of the chassis.The inside of the hoses should be checked annually to ensure optimum hygienic conditions.

The free ends of the hoses must always remain at safe distance from the ground to prevent dust from entering the filter and possible jamming or loss of suction. Be especially careful in bringing the free ends of the hoses into contact with any object (rags, liquid,…) that could be absorbed.

Mobile collector (VV.C8-001B02): Mobile collector equipped with 8 suction points for autonomous treatment, each equipped with an on/off valve and a suction cup, and a flexible hose for vacuum vehiculation from the vacuum unit.

Power module (PHY.VU-002A01): see technical specifications in data sheet.